Sunday, June 04, 2006

Play me something; I will play back

Singer from Kill Hannah band (States)

Lacuna Coil (Italy)

Oh , oh, oh, did you people hear for the band called Lacuna Coil ?? Probably not (that's them on the picture above)...These guys are from Milan, Italy and their album is one good shit. I got it today and like it indeed. It's very dark, heavy sound with some wicked female vocals...Lead singer is a girl and she's very hot:-))..They remind me of Guano Apes (Germany) a little bit although Sandra from Guano Apes has better voice. I'm a huge Guano Apes fan even if they're not playing anymore I think they were simply one of the best bands in Europe. Of course the moment I heard Lacuna Coil today at HMV not knowing where are they from I simply figured they are from Europe because they didn't sound like they are from Canada or States...You can simply tell by the sound if the band comes from Europe or not. I mean hello I'm European's my home so I know...and I simply think that we rock ;-))...I also got another CD by Razorlight - cute boys from London, UK and it's not bad....I'm not as impressed as I thought I will be but maybe after few listens I'll end up liking it more. I do admit I spend way too much money on music and books but I don't care because that is what makes me happy and my CD collection is getting bigger and bigger:D

Tonight one wicked band from States will be playing at the Reverb (or is it Kathedral not sure) theri name is Kill Hannah and they're wicked...Pretty boys too:-) Canada not many people actually know about them (if at all) while in States they're quite popular... I also read on their page that they will be playing this Tuesday at the Kathedral so I may go and see them...If you guys are around you should go tonight and check them out.

Um and what else. Friday was cool...Worked until 7pm and then came home ate and met up with my friend Sasha...We went to Kathedral to see a band he wanted me to see (it's actually guys from our country).....their lead guitarist impressed me very much....Sasha dropped me off around 2am...He's such a gentlamen....when it started raining he gave me his leather jacket.....awww so cute....So in general Friday was fun, Saturday was quiet and it was raining and today it was all about spending money on CDs LOL...I simply cannot help myself....:-)

Well that's it for now...I'm off to read some book, listen some music. Oh last night I took my guitar. I didn't play for months and you know what surprised me?? The thing that you would usually expect to suck big time next time after not playing for months...but not in my case...I seem to be better every time I don't play it for so long...and I still want to learn more considering that I learend everything on my own....AND I really want to play drums ....anyone wants to give me lessons?...I'll pay :-)))....yep so maybe I'll play some guitar tonight...I kind of missed it....


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Miki said...

Sure let me just rub my magic lamp and Schneider will come and teach you how to play the drums. Of course, i have to supervise hhahahaah....
I think when you don't play a guitar for a while everything you were learning kind of settles down and that's why it gets better each time.
I want drums too! Boo hooo
CMoKa pa-pa :)