Friday, September 14, 2007

drum along

Last night I went to see this band called Burning Brides at Sneaky Dees that friend of mine was blabbing about all the time. After first two opening bands from which my ears sufferend not because it was loud but because it wasn't good to listen. I was really praying to god that Brides are as good as my friend claimed and save me from misery. That is save me from rubish that the first opening band offered us. Second band wasn't that bad actually. And no I have no clue what they were called and it didn't seem as important nor did I want to bother and find out.

Then finally Burning Brides came on stage. Cool three piece band, with (another) girl on bass, from Los Angeles/Philadelphia. Once they started playing it was freaking amazing. Yes they might be one of the loudest bands I saw and did they impress me?...Hell yes!....Fans were loving it (considering that 90 percent were males) and myself who never saw them live enjoyed every minute of it. Somehwere in the middle of their set the drummer kicked through his drum skin and they had to stop in order to fix it somehow. How wicked is that!

Anyway this was last minute show and I'm glad I went and you make sure to check Burning Brides. I prefer them live. Either way they're worth every attention.