Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"tu gdje sam pao zivot je stao" - Tose Proeski R.I.P

I can't believe it. Tose Proeski died...He died in the car accident in the early hours this morning. He was asleep in the passenger seat however two people who were with him are still alive but not him (check Net.hr - Croatian or Reuters - English)I'm reading all these messages that people left this morning when they heard this shocking news and I know I'm not the only one who's crying today. I spoke with my friend in Belgium and she can't believe it too...I spoke with my mom back home and she said everyone is crying now in Bosnia. Tose was an amazing human being not just musician. And yes many of us never met him but we're all crying today because he was special human being. His music brought us all together.Tose was so young and so talented, great humanitarian, and people all over Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, loved his music so much. This summer back in Europe I remember my friend Klara playing his videos to me and she'll be crying now too. He'll be remembered by his amazing songs, his humanity, smile that was always on his face and out of this world voice. I can only imagine how his family feels considering that we, his fans, are beyond sad.

When I read that he died this morning my whole body started shaking and it couldn't stop. That is the impact his music made on his fans. Plus his new album just came out. Today I'll be listening to his songs. I still can't believe that he's gone. It must be some bad dream.

His spirit will always live with his music. Rest in peace Tose (25.1.1981 - 16.10.2007)
Pocivaj u miru <3

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