Friday, November 14, 2008

hilarious Rammstein

Few quotes from Rammstein that made me laugh big time...I thought I should share LOL...and still laughing...

"I never saw such a good urinal as in America. Perfect height, wide as a Cadillac, and a great flush. Perfect!" (Flake - keyboard)

"Guitarists are the most egotistical people in the world, and big headed too, this is the reason they end up making the most noise. " (Paul -guitar)

"Men first look at ass and tits, but they do that instinctively. To find out if a woman is good in bed, you have to try her out." (Ollie -bass)

Interviewer: Is there anything we shouldn't be asking, then? Paul:Well, we'd better not talk about Till (singer) and the little fluffy pet rabbit on his balcony at home. Schneider (drums) :He will slaughter it for Christmas dinner. But don't tell anyone.
"Well I can have sex with anybody in the whole world right now - it's just a question of whether they want to. But, as God, I'd take whoever's handy"(Schneider) - LOL

"Do your own thing. And overdo it!!" (Schneider)

"No, noone gets raped. Not during the show...maybe afterward!" (Schneider again - this man is killing me hahahahaha)

"I don't want to fuck a keyboard. I think it's quite boring and cold..." (Till - singer)

"We made a demo at home where Till recorded the songs under a blanket because it was late and he didn't want to upset the neighbours.." (Richard -lead guitar)

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