Thursday, May 07, 2009

"And though your opened eyes stare, bored upon the overflowing pipes above me, tonight I don't mind because I never wonder how the girl feels"

I went to see Franz Ferdinand on Monday (May 4th) playing at the Kool Haus. This was my second time to see them, first time was I believe back in 2006 or something. For some reason I was never into them like some other die hard fans but I did like some of their songs and was very impressed first time I saw them live.

Not until this second time that I got the whole new appreciation for Franz Ferdinand. I love their new album "Tonight" more than previous one they made. I loved every minute of their show. It's different, it's refreshing, a nice change from all the bands I hear these days...just different sound in general. Not to forget that they sound amazing live, way better than on their recordings...Of course how could I forget their brilliant stage presence and the thing that they're not just good looking bunch but also very stylish bunch too. I love Alex's red shoes for example...Yes, I am now their new admirer! "Tonight" just might be my favourite album of 2009 although this year just started (in a way) I doubt I'll come across an album that I'll like as much as Franz Ferdinand. Expect to see more FF posts in the near future:-)

For those who want to see how it was in Toronto on May 4th click on the link below =>

And here are two photos I took of Franz Ferdinand on Monday night...<3

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