Friday, June 05, 2009

love for period drama

Someone asked today what is it people love about period drama and in my case it would be language and the way they spoke in those days, scenery, costumes, romance, good and bad of rich and poor, the way they used to express themselves in a more polite manner than today, passion and patience between two lovers, certain rules they followed which is usually nonsense to our generation, and how no matter what happens and where they end up two people who found one another are still connected and sometimes it's a happy end and sometimes it's tragic. I guess with so many things that were forbidden in those days just managing to be with someone who is maybe out of your reach despite it all love always (or most of the times) wins.There's so much more about period dramas... the thing that they lived way more simple than we do today yet they seemed to be able to find happines in little things which makes our society today ever so ungrateful I guess. Living and enjoying life without computers, phones, TV, etc.

Photo source: google images

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