Thursday, August 06, 2009

Food for thoughts....

Photography by Rui Palha

"I really believe most people are afraid of life. I don't know why it is. We are afraid to be what we are! We get marvelous, insane feelings and we don't act on them. You see someone really attractive and you think 'I'm going to tell her she's really beautiful.' And then you think, 'Oh, I couldn't do that.'It's a shame because if we really don't live fully we keep other people from living fully! We are afraid of living life, therefore, we don't experience, we don't see. We don't feel. We don't risk! We don't care! And therefore we don't live - because life means being actively involved. Life means getting your hands dirty. Life means jumping in the middle of it all. Life means falling flat on your face. Life means going beyond yourself - into the stars!" by Leo Buscaglia

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