Wednesday, March 22, 2006

'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

Today I went to library. I just felt like being around books so I did. However, I didn't end up getting the book that I wanted, it was out, so I took Jimi Hendrix's bio instead. I took the title from the book and used it for this blog too.

I also ended up in a situation where some guy was trying to hit on me and wanted to talk with me (in the library yes)....BUT I said to him (in a polite manner) that I'm in no mood to talk so he left....Gosh, do people really think that you can pick up chicks in the freaking LIBRARY!!!...I don't think people come there to look for potential mates, at least not in my case...I mean we are there , how I like to call it, to harrass books not people...:-)...amusing indeed.

See there's one thing that I wanted to mention here and it has to do with the way people write. As you know there's millions of blogs that people post all over the place. I read some of them and not just that but in general when people do reviews and shit they don't know how to keep readers attention. The main mistake is that they all make it either too long or they simply bore you to death. Soooooo by the time you get to second paragraph you don't bother to read the rest. I hope I'm not boring you to death (if anyone happens to read this). I like writing for an audience so this is just one opinionated/share thoughts/make them laugh/show them something/ kind of a blog. And bare with me and my English because it's not my first language :-)...Some of my friends like to say that they can 'feel my accent' through my writing

Hm, I just realized that I can sound a little bit bitchy when I share some of my opinions and mind you I'm the nicest person you know that sometimes what is written can sound totally different then when it's actually said out loud.

I may be doing an interview with Rob Higgins from
Dearly Beloved band. I'm really excited but I'm sure I'll be a nervous wreck by the time I go to interview them. However, it's still too early to talk about it...I'll write more when it actually happens...for now it's an idea...

Ok so there you go I'm done with one more blog....Oh man, writing is really my addiction. I find it quite's a sweet but at the same time tiring


Miki said...

Hey! I'm the first person to leave you the comment!

I already replied to your blog on another 'space' so all i'm going to say that i'm never bored reading your stuff. I love to read and i'm always happier to read things my friends write as opposed to some authors that i never met in my whole life.
With that said, I leave you now!
Pa-pa :)

D said...

Thank you my dear...And see you on Sunday....Are you allowed to get drunk??

Miki said...

Why wouldn't i be allowed to drink??? HA? HA? What do you know that i don't know!?

p.s. We'll have to leave that for the next sunday because i couldn't come yesterday! Smrc....
pa-pa :)