Friday, March 24, 2006

One night in your skin

Well I'll start with one of my pics where I'm playing my lefty acoustic guitar. I'm true lefty indeed.....:-))

"Ex-Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft kicked off the night with a solid set evenly paced between his solo material and older Verve songs. The infamously temperamental Ashcroft was in a surprisingly jovial mood, kicking off his sneakers and grooving around the stage in bare feet. Songs included 'Music Is Power' from his latest album, Keys To The World, 'Science Of Silence' and classic Verve offerings 'Lucky Man' and finale 'Bittersweet Symphony,' which brought the house down. "
That’s a short paragraph taken from ChartAttack’s review of Coldplay at Air Canada with Richard Ashcroft (review written by Shannon Whibbs)

In some way, I’m hoping that Richard will come again and do his own tour. I could say that I have a feeling he will and when that happens I’ll be there. It’s just that I simply didn’t feel like going and seeing him with Coldplay in that big venue where you can’t even enjoy his music due to having 1000 of people pushing you around and making noises.Yep, the beauty of a small venue can’t be replaced. I guess I’ll have to wait for Richard to come again preferably to do his own show without all that big fuss (like in Coldplay case).

Weekend is here. This week went by so fast. I thought I’ll have more time to just sleep and do nothing before I start my full time job but that wasn’t the case. I don’t even think I’ll be able to finish any of my books that I started. Gosh, I would really appreciate if I could finish them too. Instead, I’m reading a lot of music related stuff, articles, reviews, bios, which is all related to my publicity work. I’m trying to hear every band that wants to add me but I’m not impressed with most of them.

Right now I’m not looking forward to getting up every morning at 7am or even early to go to my new job. I said it so many times I’m not a morning person and I would love if I could work at night and sleep during the day or half the day lol. That’s why I like my part time music work (and I so wish to make it full time one day) ….In some way I would like to know why I’m not such fan of those bright morning lights or gloomy lights or any early daylight. I feel so comfortable when it’s dark. I love evenings. My brain also seems to work better during the night. I can function better and I have more energy…while during the day I’m completely lost.

I would also like to invite you all to Skylar Entertainment Presents show on April 13th, at The Rivoli where three wicked bands will be playing: Turn Off The Stars, Crush Luther, and Tacoma Redd. Diane Foy (my boss) from Skylar manages Tacoma Redd (for those that didn't know).

You also can’t use an excuse such as: " Oh, I can’t come I have to work the next morning" because that’s not gonna work lol. If you wonder why well see I’ll have to get up at 7 am next morning too, and yet I’ll be there, the night before, to check those bands. Therefore, if you call yourself a music lover you’ll find at least an hour to come and check it. SO DO IT!!


Miki said...

Well, welcome to my world! I've been getting up early ever since i moved to this country. I like to sleep in but i have no trouble waking up in the morning. Sometimes i just don't want to but once i do i'm instantly in a full mode. I don't need time to 'wake up' and be functional because as soon as my feet touch the floor i'm up and running. Neat eh? lol
I can only imagine that concert at the ACC...Must've been amazing to watch. I've been trying yesterday to find some reviews about FF tour and there's nothing. I HATE LAZY PEOPLE. Why couldn't someone spare two minutes of their miserable lives to write a little review. I want a setlist. I like going to concerts prepared.
As for Rivoli show maybe if i lived closer i'd come.....
I am STARVING. My mom is coming and hopefully she'll bring me my favourite
Cmoka pa-pa ;-)

D said...

Oh when you mentioned Franz Ferdinand I'll see if I can find reviews...because I know some online magazines that may or may not write about their tour...

And when it comes to early waking up well see that's ok I spent 3 years of pretty much getting up early especially in my last year of school I had to get up at 6 or 7 in the morning and not to forget the summer job that I had and got up at 6am every morning...I can get used to it but that doesn't mean I enjoy it because I DON'T....LOL..
*hugs & kisses* for reading my stuff

Miki said...

I tried finding some online magazines as well but nothing. But hey now i think i can definetely find something because the tour started on March it's been 5 days (the WHOLE FIVE DAYS lol)
I simply can't wait for that damn concert......