Tuesday, April 04, 2006

-first day of work-

Oh damn my eyes look scary on this photo...LOL....

ALSO I wanna make an important statement and that's Broken Social Scene SUCKS!!!!!!! I don't understand what is so good about them...I saw them live too and I was bored to death!!...Last night on Juno the lead singer sounded like shit...I mean are you people deaf or what..!!??...but again we all have different tastes in music...Still I think they suck BIG time...and I rest my case here :D
Ahhhh, please shoot me. I feel so miserable. First I didn't sleep at all last night. I had some weird dreams and then got up at 6am only to hit my foot and completely smash my pinky toe off the freaking corner wall in my apartment. I still can't walk and not feel how it hurts like hell. So with all that pain and being in no mood to start this new job I just wanted to disappear. I honestly don't like my new marketing/administrative work. It's not me...I can't do it not even for money....but I have to .....I need shitty money to survive and yet I can't stand this boring office work....I can't stand people being so slow and they didn't even develop the training program yet so today I was sooooo frustrated.

I mean first they say if you need help just ask for it and when I do everyone is busy or has no idea what to do so they send me from one person to another. I just wanted to scream and say for fuck sake if you can't show me how to do your work how am I supposed to be good at it..But why I am so surprised considering that one of my previous jobs was the same shit in the first few months...People never bother to help you and they expect you to know how to do the job the first day you come.....

It was my first day and I already got a project to work on and I don't even know what to do with it. Never even had someone to show me how shit works...If I get out of this whole shitty work situation sane then nothing will make me crazy anymore. I couldn't wait to go home.... Now when I think that I'll be in that office every single day.....it will kill me....lol......man my life doesn't make sense...But anyway not to sound so negative...I did end up reading some music related stuff before it hit 5pm.

Honestly people once you know what you want and how it makes you feel then going into something that deals with things you have zero interest in can make your heart sick, you can imagine how I feel. Now I'm home and I couldn't wait to put some music on and I can't wait to go to a show this week and go back to my Skylar work whenever there's a chance...And I'll go through my boring day job (9 to 5) like in daze. 'Music is me and I'm the music' - you know that expression? .....There I have nothing else to say...

Oh and I almost forgot...I came home and checked MySpace messages and what I found was this message by someone I don't even know saying:

I'm going to be in your area this weekend.
Are you interested in casual encounters?"

If you really wanna know what I think about this well see I think some people are simply nuts. And whoever bothered to waste their time on a message like this has no life.




Miki said...

Just when i was leaving a comment on your myspace for this blog it was obviously transferred over here.You evil! LOL
I can't believe we always happen to be online at the same time!

Once again, i think life would be really boring if everything was peachy all the time. Let's say your life is always great and worry free - what's the pleasure in that? I mean sure it's good but i always like the feeling i get after i conquer (sp?) another hurdle. It's like everything is shitty and then once you make it better you feel great. Like you actually accomplished something and that gives me that satisfaction that we all need in life.
I love living. I don't care for people who are stupid enough to just end their lives instead of fight for themselves and live through it. I call that selfishness and weakness.

So we'll get through little problems that we have now and then be happy we were able to deal with it and not let it run us over.

Cmoka velika
pa-pa :)

D said...

Yep we're spooky and telepatic....BUT DID YOU FORGET OR WHAT...YOU KNOW WHAT YOU AND I ARE TWINS...tsk tsk...you forget everything :P...Thanx for such cool comment and for being positive..We'll get through all the shit and feel better because of it...and today was a really special day considering the news that I got from you....My heart skipped the beat indeed...You took me by surprise my dear:-))..
love you!!

Miki said...

It took everyone by suprise but everybody was really happy about the news. Saira is already calling herself 'ujna' LOL....hilarious!Sure, it's going to take a lot of work with keeping this business floating and all the 'other' things...lol...but we already talked about it so no big deal.
As you know i'm usually always positive so that's going to serve me well now. We'll talk about everything this sunday!!!!
Cmoka pa-pa :)))))

p.s. Of course we're twins!!! I don't have to even mention it anymore. It's a known fact.