Sunday, May 07, 2006

blog about nothing

I'm gonna go and wash my hair in few's not like you have to know it but I thought I should mention it :D....I need a haircut too but can't find a good hairdresser....

I just figured that this blog will be about nothing. Sometimes you have nothing to say even when you want to say things. There were days where I would write like a lunatic and always had some ideas in my head. These days I cannot come up with any good topic to write about. These days I just read and listen to music and think...My creative side decided to take some break...and with this said I'll go and wash my hair.

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Miki said...

I washed my hair last night and it wasn't a pretty sight right
This morning it looks a lot better.
I have a good idea about another blog but it could be very confusing so i'm not sure if i'll write it or not. It's nothing special anyways.
Hugs, M