Sunday, May 14, 2006

Denn die Todten reiten schnell

I woke up around 8am this morning and finally got up at 9am. I cannot sleep whole day like I used to do. Since I started working full time and getting up at 6:30am every morning I found myself not being able to sleep until noon over the weekends like before. Which is fine. You have to teach your body and train it to get used to different things so that in life nothing will get you unprepared.

These days I've been using public transportation a lot, for work and to go out, way too often and what really makes me sick is seeing people eat in buses, trains and street cars. In my opinion that is the same as eating all those germs from 100s of different people. YUCK. I mean it's ok if you eat something like chocolate bar or snack but eating a sandwich, licking your fingers, and all other stuff you do when you eat is simply disgusting to me. Especially because public transportation is probably the dirtiest place you can go and eat and yet people do it.

It just occurred to me last night that I love Arcitc Monkeys which wasn't the case few weeks ago but I gave it few listens and really love it. However, I cannot say the same thing for Editors. They're ok but tend to bore me if I keep listening for a long period of time.

'Dracula' by Bram Stoker kept my reading attention for weeks. I'm getting to its end and you should read it too. I think that centuries ago there were actually people who were drinking human blood and that is how this whole Dracula aka Vampire legend became. Most of the times things that pepole talk about today happened because long time ago something similar did happen.

It has to start somewhere in order for people to create a story around it. That is in my humble opinion anyway...

All that fascination with tall, dark haired, long front teeth, pale almost white skin, and red eyes human look alike monsters who can trasnfer themselves into bats, fog, wolf, etc....It's actually amusing because I never read/heard that there was a short, fat, bald vampire LOL...I guess even as a vampire you have to be good looking in some sense and appealing so that you can attract attention and get the opportunity to go and suck someone's neck for blood.
Human beings always suffer for that 'good look' much insecurities in this world...They had to make a vampire attractive too....LOL....People keep humouring me with their simple minds and yet so complicated too....

'For the dead travel fast'

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Miki said...

Yes, they travel fast indeed!
By know (if you read your myspace comments) you know that i'm reading the same book. I'm half way through.
I watched so many movies and read some books in reference to Dracula like The Historian (which mentions Bram Stoker's book in many occassions) etc. and it's all very fascinating. I still prefer reading books to watching those Dracula movies. Simply because the books don't take out anything and they're very detailed, unlike movies who put women vampires with fake boobs sucking the blood from good looking guys. LOL...As you said even they have EGO's. HAHAHAHA
I love the book and i can't put it down but you should definetely read The Historian. That book is absolutely awsome!
Idem sad polako jos malo se ide kuci! Cmoka i cujemo se kasnije my blood sucking good looking sexy friend! LOL
p.s. wanna come for a blood sucking night out?