Tuesday, May 30, 2006

it came to me that I should leave

It's so damn hot today. Yesterday wasn't any better. I love summer but I hate it when it's like this...humidity, polution and above 30 degrees. I wore my green dress today everyone at work loved it but it didn't help with the heat..I was still sweating and just feeling like I cannot breathe..

So I had couple of beers tonight. I was supposed to go to a Clifton David show at Lee's Palace tonight but with all this heat and me being tired and having to go to work tomorrow I just decided to stay at home, get some beer and chill. And those that know me also know that I'm a huge Clifton David fan...considering the thing that his CD is still in making I am patiently waiting. I'm also glad that I had a chance to meet him and hug him:-)...How cute is that....I admire his talent way too much. He's a wicked guitar player too. In short he's extremely talented musician.

I've been having trouble sleeping these days. My brain simply doesn't want to shut up and then I end up being awake most of the times. I'm a huge pain in the ass to myself. I've become such and awkward creature.

I'll get lost in my own universe.......

"I used to be so full of confidence
I used to know just what I wanted and just where to go
More than ever I could use a coincidence
But now I walk alone and talk about it, when I know
Later on I'll cut you off
When you're screaming into the phone
Hard to own" - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Hey'

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Miki said...

Hey i remember that photo!!!!

So you're having trouble sleeping??? It's just the heat i think. I'm sure tonight you'll sleep better.
If you missed that show last night then you were really tired. You probably had a minor heat stroke.
Thank God it's cooler today so i can go back to my paperwork. I have no storage space so i have to file everything and put it in the boxes. Crazy.
Idem da radim. Cmoka
pa-pa :)