Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6/6/'06 Devil's Day

Dearly Beloved band (Toronto)

Guys from Imperative Reaction (States)

Ha, I had to write this blog only because of the unique date today....you can all guess...It's 06.06.2006

Wow, what are the chances to have another date with all three 6s in it again :-)

I'm tired and I want to sleep but again I won't.

It's obvious to me that this blog may be about nothing from this sentence and on LOL...By the way did I talk about that cool industrial/electronica/alternative band called Imperative Reaction from States (their link is on the right side of my page)??..As always I will provide you with cool pics above :-))...I am obsessed with new music and new faces but Imperative Reaction is not completely new...They've been playing for few years now...and doing very well in States and Europe...I don't know why Canadian industrial scene is so poor or not as big as the one in Europe or States...Yes it makes you wonder.
Oh and Dearly Beloved guys are getting all the attention. I'm really glad considering that their lead singer, Rob Higgins, was one of the people I interviewed for Skylar in April....and now when their debut CD is out eveyone is liking it very much...How cool is that!!...They are extremely talented ....I had an advanced copy of their new album way before it went out...You have to hear their stuff!!!
Here are some of the Dearly Beloved show dates for you to go out and check in Toronto:

-Jun 8 2006 11:00P - The Drake **Chart Magazine Showcase - NXNE** -TO
-Jul 1 2006 8:00P - Edgefest - Molson Amphitheatre w/ OLP - TO
-Jul 28 2006 10:00P - The Horseshoe - w/ C'mon and Bionic - TO

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