Thursday, June 08, 2006

end to this story

Once you start comparing your mind, writing abilities, or abilities to even have a talent, then you know you're in trouble. I've been reading some blogs by some very talented ladies ...I wonder is my passion for writing just something that will never get any attention...or grow....or change the way someone elses think. It is a weird feeling. Yet, I shouldn't be comparing myself because I am what I am and there's no one like me. We are all unique individuals so why should I compare myself to people? I shouldn't.....and I will not...Not now....or ever....(at least I'll try lol)

Soccer World Cup in Germany is starting tomorrow and it makes me so HAPPY...My teams will be like always: Croatia (although I think they are in a very tough group; they may not even advance to the next level)...England (always been a fan of those guys), Italy (as long as I remember every world cup I was watching those guys and wishing so bad they win but they didn't grrr)....I may see how Sweden will do this year (considering that I have family in Sweden I may go for those guys too - you know support and stuff lol).....For those who are not born in Europe you don't understand how soccer is important in our lives...Well something like hockey in Canada or baseball in States....:-))...Soccer World Cup has been a long tradition in my family ...and I will continue to love it even if Europe seems so far away now:-(


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Miki said...

Back in 90's i always liked Argentina. Not so anymore. I liked Holland too, England to some extent, Germany was always the popular one with me.
Remember about 4 years ago i made that thing about the ugliest or funniest looking soccer players. Sadly, i don't even think i have it anymore. Smrc.
So today is the first game. Of course, it's no brainer Germany is going to win.