Thursday, June 29, 2006

Talk in lyrics..

I still love the light oh baby
Keeps me awake but I don't mind
Everything I always wanted
Is right there but soon it won't be
If fortune favors the brave
I am as awful as they come
I got a million things to say
I got a million things to.....

("Lights" by Editors)


Miki said...

Hm what is happening to them? Is it a sad song?

D said...
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D said...

What is happening to whom?? Editors is fairly another new band coming from UK...They remind me a lot of Joy Division and "Lights" song happens to be one of my fav songs by them...Their sound is kind of dark which I like...suits my dark mood:-))

Miki said...

Oh i mean what is going on with the song? What's the song about?