Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bye bye my England team :-(

Dammit!! Penalty kicks, the ones I hate with passion, ruined it all. Actually I had a feeling that Portugal would win with pentalty kicks and I was right (as usual) not that I like being right most of the times...ufff...This was like going back to 1994 World Cup when Italy lost....Today I was on the floor, on my knees watching the penalty kicks and when England missed the last one my heart broke (not literally but close enough). The worst part seeing two English players sitting on the ground and crying, not just crying but sobbing. I actually couldn't control my tears that were running down my face like crazy. Yes, I cried!! I was on the floor looking at the TV with tears in my eyes....dammit how I love soccer:-). The way it makes me feel and passion I have for it...I feel it all. Portugal played a good game but it was England that I wanted to win. My team to win!! I guess not this time.
However, Italy is still IN. They won over Ukraine 3:0 yesterday. I was actually at the Rivoli downtown with Meeta and Ivana and we were drinking sea breeze or how I like to call it a pink drink made of vodka and juice (forgot what juice it was lol). And of course me and my sis were rooting for Italy at the bar and the guy that was sitting next to us was rooting for Ukraine and when Italy scored my sis and I were clapping with our hands all smiley and cheery and the guy was like : "Oh I can se we have some Italy fans here"...:-)....Well as long as Italy sticks and at least wins 2nd or 3rd place I will be happy but it is GERMANY AGAIN THAT THEY ARE PLAYING AGAINST LIKE IN 1994 AND THEY LOST THAT TIME.

Andre Agassi said good bye too today in his last game at Wimbledon after 19 years of playing and he was one of my fav tennis players when I was a little girl. So there you go just after I cried like hell when England lost I switch to different channel and you see Andre saying his final good bye to tennis after his last game that he played with Nadal today. I mean what is this a freaking emotional day where my fav players are saying good bye.....grrrr

The World Cup in Soccer is coming to an end and then wait for another 4 years to see it again...booo hoo so not fair...they should do it every 2 years not 4....

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Miki said...

Yes, penalty kicks are not fair.
Germans were shooting some great penalties. Not a single miss! I still hope they will go through although that means that your team is going home. BUT hey let the best team win - although it sounds poor because penalties do not mean some team is better than the other.