Wednesday, July 12, 2006

'A chance to watch, admire the distance'

Warm evening, cold red wine and listening to Complete Eighties CD collection. "Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart is on (the song was written in the summer of 1983 - gosh I was only 3 years old, actually 2 years old considering that I'm an October baby). In between writing and singing I'm dancing around my room which will take a little bit longer for me to finish this blog:-))
Oh, did you ever listen to "Gold" by Spandau Ballet?? I love that song. Spandau Ballet is probably the only 80s band that I saw live. I think it was in 1997 or 1998 and I was dancing with a very cute English boy close to the stage....Pssst don't tell anyone but I just put "Gold" on repeat and it's playing for the 4th time. Can you wait until I spin around my room? ;-)......
How about "Golden Brown" by The Stranglers, such beautiful song. Does anyone here knows what I'm talking about?? Some tend to say that The Stranglers were the greatest punk rock band.
"The Stranglers were arrogant, humble, sexist, sexy, intellectual, boorish, violent, tender, crass, intellectual, uncompromising, compromising, punk, new wave, pop, reactionary, revolutionary, contrary and maddening. But most of all they were fucking fantastic" -wrote one of their fans.

I just figured this blog could be educational for some of you, heheheh. I love blabbing about music. I could spend days and nights just talking about past and present bands/artists. Ok here I will sound very silly but I think I would be able to fall in love with someone's singing voice and then with the rest lol....
In one of my blogs I mentioned Joy Division (Manchester band '76-'80). I'm extremely attracted to their dark sound, sadness, and yet such amazing piece of music art. Oh and Ian's voice....ahhh

"Our vision touched the sky" by I.Curtis

I keep playing their CD every morning on my way to work. How about you go and look for these:
"Love will tear us apart" - You should know this song (it's one of their famous) if not well then shame on you ;-)
"She's lost control" - pay attention to the opening of this song. I get chills every time I listen to it....beyond beautiful...
"Shadow Play" - gosh I love this's f*cking amazing...Dammit just download this song at once!!!
"Passover"- pay attention to the bass and Ian's vocals...This song is magical!!
Ok it's obvious that I adore Joy Division. Honestly, is there anything more beautiful than music? The real music not some crap that you see on TV 24/7.
Well enough of me. Most of you will have nothing to say on this anyway...I'm off to enjoy my evening....


~Get weak all the time - we just pass the time Me in my own world - yeah you there beside The gaps are enormous - we stare from each side We were strangers, for way too long ~ Joy Division
(Lyrics from -I Remember Nothing - recorded in April 1979 )

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Miki said...

Funny you should mention the 80's music cd because i just picked one up the other day at the library and it has many songs i love(and you know this one) "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The
"The Break Up Song" by Greg Kihn Band (you're probably going who? but i had their lp back home and i loved it) too bad there's no "Jeopardy" song on this album (by the same band) because that's my favourite song OF ALL TIME. Then it has "Down Under" by Men at Work hahaha such a geeky song..."We Belong" by Pat Benatar...AND TWO OF MY FAVORITES:
"Everybody's got to Learn Sometimes" by The Korgis (this was later turned into a dance song i believe)....and "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister....ahhhhh i miss 80's...hahahaha and i was the one who listened to Samantha Fox (i used to have her tape and it was purple hahah) but shhhh don't tell anyone....So yeah if i'm coming this sunday i'll bring this cd with me....Deal??? Just tell me already are you free this SUNDAY!!!! Javi javi javi....XOXO