Saturday, July 29, 2006

....'don't say it's easy to follow a process..'

Editors coming into my world........

Yes, it's me again. Miss genius/passionate music writer/critic Dee ...LOL...And no I did not give myself this nickname. It's my friend Kerry's way of describing me in short. And I don't remember when was the last time I spoke with him. Shame on me for being so into my own shit such as work, music, and what not.

Ohh, ahhh you know what?? I've got two Editors tickets today for this upcoming Wednesday and as I said it's 19 plus show which means I will enjoy it very much...AND SING!!!!.....Most of the times I just skip all age shows and knowing that Editors are finally here, from far away UK, no kids to jump around and step all over me to ruin it:-)) Ah, I'm not mean but it's true so shut up :P....

.... So after work next week Meeta and I will be off to see amazing Editors at the Opera House. Editors are like Joy Division of 21st century (in some way). And knowing how much I adore Joy Division then in this case Editors are closer I can get to that sound. However, lead singer Smith strictly said they're not influenced by Joy Divison but by rock bands from '90s. I think that he simply cannot deny the thing that vocaly he is so damn close to Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Editors however still managed to be different in their own right.

If you could see me now, oh man, I'm like some little kid getting hilariously happy for having a chance to see these guys for the first time. People keep asking me:"Who are Editors?" and I'm like: "On what planet are you living on?".....hahahahaaha....I do admit that Editors are quite new so if you're not following UK music scene you may not know about them but as usual I bug everyone with it. No wonder most people think of me when they hear the band that I introduced them to:-)) It's nice to be associated with music:-)...Pretty much everyone will associate me with Powderfinger which is the band of my life.

Just to point out something you'll have to listen to Editors stuff more than once in order to get your ears into it...It's very dark, unusual, sad in the moments, and slow in not so slow way lol....

I'm in awe with lead singer's voice. That guy is so talented and yet he's so young. How beautiful to have such an amazing power to say things in such amazing singing voice :-)))

Find these songs (I have the actual CD because I prefer it that way but you can find it online)

1. Lights (my fav)

2. Munich (add this one too)

3. Blood (my fav again)

4. Fall (this song brings some unbelievable emotions-just close your eyes and enjoy)

5. Open Your Arms (painfuly beautiful)

I bought The Bravery self titeled album yesterday and I think it sucks. If there's anyone who likes this band I'll give it to you....although I don't understand why would anyone like it considering that they are so NOT original....AND I am silly for buying it and never hearing it before but only trusting others and their "music expertise"....Big mistake lol...BUT we can always argue about it....and I would win anyway :P

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