Friday, August 04, 2006 I I whisper

And how did I know
that my words will hit the ground
your silence that hurts so much
If I never said it I wouldn't miss the part
seeing you so close and never touching your heart
Must be a silly situation
the song that brings tears to my eyes.
I sang that night,
wanting you even more
but saying good bye
Whatever I had was let go
it's the way human beings are
we kiss and tell
pretend like it never crossed our minds
That I am yours and you're mine
The story with great start and a crappy end
You brought the smile, excitement, sweet pain into my life
Months of looking forward to something
maybe, just maybe the look of your eyes
Seems after all I was just standing on my own
waitng for the train to come
to take me away
forget, push it to the side
it was never there
just a dream
just a dream


P.S. By the way Editors at the Opera House on Aug. 2nd, were amazing. I'm in love with this band...In love with their lead singer's, Tom Smith, voice....amazing talent...The best show I saw this year....


Miki said...

I think i know about who you're talking about in this song. It just points to that and when i come this sunday you can tell me if i'm right or wrong because i'm not naming names here. lol
It's a sad song but more in a nostalgic way than any other way.
Hugs, M

D said...

I know that you know hehehehe....I actually like this poem...sometimes I like the stuff that I write...most of the time I don't...

Looking forward to see you this Sunday...cmoka!!