Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Music that flared into the starry beyond..."

I just got Bernard Fanning's debut album today and it's a beautiful piece of music. His voice blends perfectly with guitars, piano and violin. If you're in a mood look for my fav songs on this album so far: "Not Finished Just Yet", "Songbird", "Which Way Home", "The Strangest Thing" and "Wish you Well"........Bernard never fails to amaze me. With his passion and talent inspirations are endless.

Also September issue of Uncut is in my hands too. Syd Barret, Pink Floyd's madcap genius, on the cover and 13 - page celebration of his life and music. -The tousle-haired poet/star (beautiful) 'Syd' -...It's a good read and I'm still reading it while being fascinated with Syd's charisma that is coming from his pictures. Yes, as I said in one of my previous blogs dedicated to him, his pictures are as alive today as they were in 1962.

On a different topic there was an interesting 'opinion article' from Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian and what he said was very interesting and with that I will end this blog. This is just a small part of that article (bellow):

"Maybe it's because nowdays people don't even listen to albums properly because of downloading and iPods. Not wishing to sound like wanky artist, but I think that's pretty sad.
There's something about hearing every track they wanted you to hear in that particular order that gives you something, a unique vibe, that you'd miss if all you did was download the popular tracks and make a playlist. Everyone wants everything too quickly, and they're forgeting how important it is to appreciate albums as a whole. Forget the singles, forget the big tunes, you need to get your head inside the whole record.
It's almost as if bands don't care about making timeless classic. Maybe it's just me but I never met a cool Franz Ferdinand fan. In the same way, I can't imagine that Alex Kapranos gives a shit about his band in the way I give a shit about my band. If you walked up to him in the boozer and said, "I think Franz Ferdinand are shit", I reckon he'd probably agree. Whereas if someone walked up to me and said "Kasabian are shit!" I'd say:"What you on about, dickhead? What's your band called?" *(LOL this part really made me laugh).
I just don't see passion - just fashion and trying to have hit singles. That's a downfall of any band, having to bring out another catchy number until, in the end, no one gives a shit. Of course, now I've said that, people will try to make out that there's a "war" between Kasabian and Franz Ferdinand, which is bollocks. I'm just playing, but people take things too seriously.There's not a war, all I'm saying is:"Come on, then, blow my mind. Come back at me with something better."


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