Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bernard Fanning - one and only

I don't feel like writing today but I will, simply because I developed all my pictures from Bernard Fanning's show so now I have to say few lol. I don't know where to start but maybe to just say he is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I can't describe how happy I was to see him live again. And was lucky enough to stand so close to the stage and watch every move. I know them all;-) The way he stands, the way he puts his arm over his forehead to cover his eyes from the bright lights, the way he smiles and makes sarcastic jokes with the audience, the way he closes his eyes when he sings, the way his hair gets messy when he plays guitar....I admire this man with my whole being:-)

He apologized for having a cold and his vocals not being so good that night, but honestly for a guy with a cold he sounded great! His voice didn't lack a single thing.
From the beginning until the end of the show I had chills all over my body:-)). See I didn't have a chance to listen to his complete solo album, only parts of it, and you can't ask for better way to hear it for the first time but live. Audience was great, couple of them were from Australia too. Oh and the highlight of the night was when one of Bernard's bandmates took violin (who also plays mandolin too) and started playing something that reminded me of old Irish music and then everyone started dancing (square dance better said lol)...feet hitting the floor so loud...and the whole Rivoli being on fire (not literally)...And no it wasn't girls who were dancing but guys. It was so entertaining and FUN:-). Everyone had a huge smile on their face. There's always that positive vibe and energy when you go to their shows. I think today many bands lack that connection. Half of those who came that night were there because they love Powderfinger (Bernard being a huge part of it) and others loving his solo stuff too.

My friend Kerry kept saying that Bernard will play at least one Powderfinger song that night and I said he will not. So two of us ended up betting. I said to him that I'm 100 percent sure that Bernard will NOT play anything from Powderfinger mainly because this was his show not Powderfinger. If I was in his place I wouldn't play it either and sure as I was Bernard did not play anything but his songs from "Tea & Sympathy" so my friend lost the bet. LOL. I think that any musician who decides to go solo and have a side project should not play anything but what he came to play. I know that there were many people who would love to hear something by Powderfinger that night, even one guy in the audience yelled "Can you play 'My Happiness' "....on which Bernard replied, with the smile, "No"....It's so stupid to request such thing.

I can't wait to get his album on Tuesday. It may not be the sound we are all used to, that being Powderfinger, but at the same time it's what Bernard is all about. I read couple of reviews regarding his album, also being number one in Australia, and here's one line that describes it well "Bernard succeeds in peeling back the layers, both emotionally and aurally, throughout Tea and Sympathy. While many of the album's songs deal vividly with loss -- Fanning says, "I was in a relationship that broke down, and writing was a part of the mourning process" -- its lingering notes are ones of optimism about what lays beyond the horizon."

One of my comments to my friend that night was: "This is a real show. This is what I call music. They are all such professionals " It was an unforgetable night. At the end of the show the audience requested more so they came back for an encore and played one more song. I hope Bernard will come back soon:-)..He said in 6 months or so. I really do hope that will be the case. But I also want to see Powderfinger too.
I don't really know how to describe it all. Every time I see him on stage I'm simply speechless and there is no point in trying to say much. It's the feeling that you can't put into words....
I hope you enjoy the slideshow I posted above. There's more pictures but anyway these are enough...:-)

-- While I was on my way to get my pictures I realized how much I like this feeling of Fall coming. Today was extremely nice day, chilly but sunny and bright. It's how this Fall weather should be. Sunny, not too cold and perfect for long conversations and long walks. On days like this it would be so nice to sit in some warm cafe, next to the window, sipping tea (or coffee) and enjoy everything around you....It's a perfect day to write a poem or a song....
Good day everyone!

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Miki said...

Hopefully he'll come back in 6 months like he said, then you can listen to more of his music.