Saturday, November 25, 2006

quiet please!!

"Will you raise a smile when you see me come?
Or linger in the darkenss I spun?
Your confidence and trust are so hard won
We're not finished just yet
Got to get this off my chest" - B. Fanning

In my world, that being whatever you want it to be as we all seem to have our little worlds, Bernard Fanning (singer/songwriter) would be my husband. There the truth is out LOL. Awwww now you'll think I'm silly but admit it everyone has that someone who is so out of their reach. It's admiration and the thing that someone's talent can touch your soul beyond your wildest dreams. Ah, so beautiful.....Please come and sing into my ear;-)

Well enough of that now lets go back to real life...ufff...hahahaha. I bought myself such wicked's black with purple stripes and it glitters (male population may find this part boring)....I will wear it on Thursday for our little Christmas party at work.

Now not that you care but I got myself a new haircut (wow it seemed like I acomplished a lot today lol) as it was about time with this messy hair of mine. I didn't even make an appointment. I went in and asked if they have a free spot they did and off I go.

You know how when you go to hair salon you always have those hairstalyists who have to have a conversation with you while they're cutting your hair. Knowing myself I hate small talks with random people and if you really want me to enjoy the whole hair thing then just shut up and do your job. Luckily the girl who cut my hair today asked me few questions but she figured I'm not really a talkative type so she continued doing her thing being quiet. I enjoyed it very much. Plus they played really loud music and somehow everyone managed to have conversation. In my case I had to ask people to repeat their questions as my hearing is not so great lol. Blame it on all the shows I went to and hanging out in the band's practice room where you don't even feel your ears after certain period. Sure your hearing has to suffer at one point in your life lol. As for music I can suffer:-)

My dear lefty guitar keeps collecting dust as I've been lazy to pick it up. My sis was saying that her boyfriend's band needs a guitarist and why not try and play few chords....Yeah right!!..But it would be good to try..More practice is needed though and no matter how good I may be at some things in my life I always think it's not good enough...It pushes you to work hard...and the feeling never dies....(I'm blabbing a lot here...)...ENOUGH...and good night!!!

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