Saturday, December 02, 2006

it's ssss...

Didn't feel like making a new blog but felt like mentioning this wicked band again...I've been loving their music since 2004. Guy I used to go out with at that time got me into this amazing band called Silvertide and what to say but that to this day I've been impressed with them....Their 11 tracks Show & Tell album is probably one of the best in my CD collection..Pure rock & roll. And I still listen to it and never get tired of it. Cool ha? I don't mind repeating myself when it comes to something I'm into.
They're in the studio working on new songs. My only hope is that Silvertide will come out with another rocking album like the first one. Lead singer's (first from the left) vocals kick ass!!! Lead guitarist (second from the left) is ripping my heart (in a good way lol) with his guitar of course...ahhhh...They're pretty much the only band from States that got my complete attention. They're born to be stars...AND don't you dare disagree :-))....Now me agree on this..

Off and look for these songs (below):
1. Nothing Stays (gives me chills over and over again)
2. S.F.C (which is short for - so f*cking crazy -)
3. Blue Jeans
4. Mary Jayne
5. HeartStrong (p.s I have a HUGE crush on this song)
6. You Want It All
7. Foxhole J.C

Or just get this freaking album! :D...


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