Thursday, December 21, 2006

No man is an island

This will be it or not I don't really care this place is dead anyway lol....

Ok now I love "About a Boy" movie with Hugh Grant. I saw it so many times and it always makes me laugh with freaking tears in my eyes. I simply adore that movie, its humour, its genuine message, and again its humour. I said it before and I will say it again Hugh Grant is the most charming man I ever saw..and I just love his 'serious face' type of humour....There I rest my case here. I saw this movie again. I laughed out loud like I never saw it before.
Oh and considering that I'm not really into this whole movie thing at least not anything that is 21st century I think that John Malkovich is out of this world. That guy is beyond smart, and yet intimidating and intriguing human being..... he just rocks!

Anyone got special edition of NME magazine - Rock & Roll Yearbook for 2006?? There are some wicked stuff in it. I didn't even read all the pages but so far I'm enjoying When Carl Met Tim (and to steal the expression they used) interview between two of the conversational heavyweights of modern rock. That is Carl Barat from Dirty Pretty Things and Tim Burges from The Charlatans. Both dead gorgeous. Actually I think Tim is cuter :-). By the way guys from The Horrors look horrific. I really don't find any memeber in that band attractive in any way possible. They're simply terrible to look at. How divine! LOL... At least we know how they came up with the name. If you didn't hear about them well they're another new indie (goth) band in UK that is IT at the moment.

Ok I would chit-chat more but I really need to get some sleep...What a hell I need a break as my brain will burn until there's nothing left....:-)....and yet I find that funny...I guess that's the first sign that I have to go to bed.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! No snow in this big city of mine....

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