Friday, February 02, 2007

it's on hold and it may not make me smile

My friend wrote a blog about making your dreams come true and this was my reply back....

~ Living your dreams is harder than one thinks. At least in my opinion it is. I put my dreams on the side in order to do a job that I am not passionate about but it pays my bills. I lost touch with what makes me happy actually..In one hand it's quite sad but I can't think about myself and my dreams when there are others that need my help too. The more I think about this life the more it disappoints me LOL..and people don't make it any easier but what a heck no one lives forever ;-)..
Can't help but use my morbid humour :D
I am one in a million definitely not the milionth one...I don't fit anywhere...~

Once I wrote it and pressed -post- button I wondered wasn't it too honest of me...For some strange reason I don't feel comfortable writing about things that deal with my inner self especially when knowing that more than two people will read it...but there are some other times when you just know whatever you say or feel is good to let out...My little blog cooment (above) to my friend said more than all the blogs I wrote here...Sometimes we just cannot afford to make our dreams come true...We can't be selfish and only think about ourselves. I honestly can't afford to quit my good paying job now although I don't enjoy it and I'm for sure not passionate about it. Then I also know that my family needs help and I'm there to give support whatever it is. My dreams are on hold...they have to be...if we all think about ourselves this planet would really be a sad already is but there's hope....

You know what I mean?

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