Tuesday, February 06, 2007

this anger took me over

I had a shitty day today and with all honesty I almost thought that I will go mad (notice my usage of => I - three times)...

I'm fed up with my job. Its environment is killing me and people giving me all the crappy work only because no one else wants to deal with it. I do two jobs and I'm payed for one...how freaking sad. I will also say that from this day on I will never in my life purchase anything from eBay as I find it the most frustrating way to purchase things especially because you deal with certain sellers that in some normal society would not be allowed to sell and make people miserable in the process. I'm in no mood to give details but lets just say that today alone I had enough of it.

Now with all this frustration a friend of mine, or better said someone I was in so called long distance relationship few years ago, comes on msn and says hello. Due to my night being busy and stressful anyway I reply few minutes later saying that I'm busy at the moment and have plenty to do and his comment was -whatever- ...Oh, and I don't need much to snap back...I told him that he's rude and giving me an attitude only because I was not able to give him my time. Maybe I should not be friends with certain people that I was involved with in the first place. Sometimes friendship is not a solution and in this case this guy should really let go or whatever as I do not want to call this friendship when it's not....anymore.

The guy I kissed on Saturday proves to be only good as a friend and that this crush I had on him for almost two years was waste of time. After all he blew it as I pretty much let go 6 months ago and crush went away the moment I left him on the doorstep after he kissed me. He waited too long to make a move and maybe it would be different if it happend few months ago but now it's too late. Plus, I'm tired of people who play mind games as I did all that shit in high school it's time for one to be mature in some way which I can't say for him (for now) ;-)

Time to move on and work on my passion - photography and music. I'm tired of wasting my time on people that don't deserve it and I'm tired of always being nice and patient. Some people simply cannot be part of your life no matter how much you want it. Friend number 1 will not be that anymore as of tonight I'm done with him and his attitude. Friend number 2 will just be that a friend as I have no other interest anymore...;-)

Now I need to relax otherwise I will get sick with all this stress (some kind of an ulcer will come my way for sure)...Ok and this blog is not the most enthusiastic either lol. Sorry about that.

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