Friday, February 23, 2007

so spät noch wach?

And I realized =====>

::Friends I met since I moved to Canada proved to be the most amazing gift I ever received. Being inspired by their strength, creativity, way of thinking, we keep each other sane..

:: Change of environment will finally do me some good and move me toward new direction....

:: My life will always consist of music, writing and photography and those three will either break me or make me

:: This will not be my only home....

:: Taking risks is what matters in my life

:: Guys from Battle band (UK) are taking me over with their amazing tunes...I want them here in Toronto or I'll be chasing them in Europe...either way something's got to give :-)

:: I have a low tolerance for people who give me hard time

:: No matter where I go Rammstein will remind me of my friend Miki:-) She got me into that band and I love her for it even more...

::I don't know who said it but it went like this:"It's wise to keep in mind that no failure or success is final"...


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