Thursday, February 22, 2007

can't be with you or without you - i say lets quit

Two nights ago I had a very long conversation with friend of mine. We blabbed on msn until 3am in the morning. Now lets not forget that is the friend I had crush on for more than a year...ok it's pathetic I know so spare me hahahaha. He addmited that he was/is attracted to me too but I know him way too well not to expect a thing from him when it comes to feelings.

Either way next morning I had to go to work with only 4 hours of sleep (not smart or worth it). I felt like truck ran me over and not because I was sleepy but because of everything we said to each other that night. It was toxic for me and next day the only thing I needed was silence and simply staying away. Sometimes you have to get things out of your system. But remember too much honesty is not always good:-)

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