Tuesday, May 01, 2007

:it's often just enough to be with someone, no need to touch them:

My mom feeds me so much as of right now I think I am going to suffocate lol. Great mom she is and always will be and that's not just because she is my mom:-) Ok, so I have more to eat now uffff...And I do like to eat...lol

Ah, I also miss this view when you're driving in the car...This picture is taken somewhere in Croatia...but you have similar views in all parts of the country. When you go to Herzegovina (where I lived for 5 years) it's the same thing. Sometimes you just miss those small streets and nature and places. Some of my friends tend to say that considering how much I like Croatia I actually want to be one of them. Well you can't say such thing because it's so not true :D.

I love my Bosnia but I'm also a Croat so hey I have the right to like any part of the country if I please;-)..I traveled a lot and got attached to every city, beach, village I visited in my own way. All in all this blog is not about my country but somehow I thought I might for once have a meaningful blog here (kind of).

I'm getting tired of all this joking all the time...bla bla...Sure we all need a good laugh but sometimes it gets overused. By the way I am not sure what is happening with this weather.....SUN PLEASE!

Um, I also need to cut my hair as it's getting very long which annoys the hell out of me...In other hand, I need to get this soundtrack (it's not from the North & South although it's playing in the video) but this amazing sound is just unbelievable. Last night I closed my eyes and listened...Let me tell you rarely in my life I hear something so powerful...It literally took my breath away...The soundtrack is from Pride & Prejudice and I will get it...(blame it on my endless love toward period dramas)..
I simply need this music...it's classic

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