Monday, May 21, 2007

when you get too comfortable it's time for change

Yesterday both elevators got stuck with people in it. My mom was in one of them and she called me lol. People were ringing the bell and hitting the door. I got stuck too but only for few minutes and one older gentleman managed to open the door from inside and we went out and then I continued to my floor by taking the stairs. As of today I will not take elevator in my building and will continue using the stairs to 10th floor. Also, what I find funny is people using elevator to go to 2nd or 3rd floor. I mean HOW LAZY YOU CAN BE!?! Get over yourself and take that ass of yours to freaking 2nd floor by stairs.

Also the news is I do not work at that crappy company as of last Friday. I told them I'm taking my vacation and will not change my mind. They decided to let me go (well I would quit but I wanted them to let me go instead)..I simply decided to make it final. No more waking up in the morning and feeling sick that I have to go into that crappy office with shitty bosses who act like nazis. I felt like I was in prison. I decided to put a stop to it. Now I have time to take my break and concentrate on things I want to do and look for much better and hopefully exciting job. Sure it's scary to be unemployed but hey life is too short to be miserable. Never I will allow another employer to use me and my hard work again. You learn and you move on.

I also got myself an amazing 1CD/2DVD Volkerball package by Rammstein. It usually goes for $50 but I got it on sale for $29 and only one left. It's simply great!! It was for their world tour (that world does not include North America lol) in 2006 and their great performance in France plus documentary and making of Reise Reise in Spain. Yes, Rammstain is taking me over and I love it. So today I went and looked up my fav music channels from Germany that is Bravo and VIVA which I used to watch 24/7 back home. I'm sure they changed since 90s but still.

Ah well....

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