Wednesday, June 27, 2007

humans are not as strong as they would like to make you believe

I came across this video interview with Dan Burke which I found on someone elses blog. Burke is a music promoter in Toronto. However, I never heard of him but then again I'm bad with names...For some reason only if someone catches my attention, in any way, I will bother to remember the name. Anyway if you have a minute and have nothing to do you could hear what Burke has to say. He doesn't seem overly happy to me but again people in music industry are all a bit weird :-)

Also, I'm going through Face Hunter's blog and it looks like people in Madrid are very stylish.

See Toronto never managed to be one of those cities where you can say there's many stylish people in it. There's just this general/blah/always same story look everyone drags around. You're either emo, or goth, or a bit sluty, or casual aka I just woke up or I have too much money and no style or I'm trying to look cool too much (no hard feelings people this is just opinion). Those are main looks you can see on our streets these days....Very few are having so called unique/creative look.

You can or you don't have to agree with me because I don't care:-)

Now here's another thing that keeps me in front of my computer in the evenings that is reading other people's secrets, thoughts and fears and it's called LiveJournal Secret which is something similar to well known Post Secret. You know in my humble opinion humans are overly f*cked up and are mainly good at hiding it....

Last night I was writing in my journal before bed. I had very good sleep after it:-)...It was about bad experiences in the last two years, then certain people I don't call my friends anymore because they never bothered to give anything to our friendship, also wrote about this horrible tragedy called Chris Benoit, and my traveling that I'm about to start in few weeks.

Let me tell you it's great truth in feeling better after you write everything that you have in your head or anything that bugs you. I also wish that certain person stops calling me because I don't want him in my life anymore. End of story!!

p.s. I'm sweating big time...this heat is unbearable and I'm also avoiding sun before 5pm because it's so not healthy. People take care of your skin or you'll regret it big time when you get older. Don't be smart ass because you're not :D