Friday, October 12, 2007

nekada smo znali zivjeti, nekada smo bili sretni, danas smo samo nostalgicni

I realized how during my childhood I listend to so many different artists and bands back home. Now when I'm here I have this sudden urge to learn more about rock & roll history of my home country (former) Yugoslavia (Jugoslavia) because in those days music meant so much. I'm also researching well known record labes of Yugoslavia too considering that even as a kid I already knew most of them.

In those days people were writing amazing songs and they were not there for fame but simply for the need to make music. With this said I started to educate myself with legends of rock & roll in my country (60s, 70s and 80s) such as one and only Bijelo Dugme (that band is probably the biggest band that ever existed in my country and I love their songs to death. They used to be called Yugoslavian Led Zeppelin), Divlje Jagode, Plavi Orkestar, Azra, Parni Valjak, EKV, Bajaga, Indexi, Atomsko Skloniste, Riblja Corba (before their singer went into this whole craze of being big nationalist during the war) etc. I never understood how someone who played with so many bands all over ex Yugoslavia and someone who was friends with musicians from Bosnia and Croatia suddenly became this (hating or not) nationalist supporting shitty war. I hope that things changed wih Riblja Corba today because that band was extremely popular back in 70s and 80s even 90s and still is like all the other ones mentioned above. And I grew up with their music.

Music should always be there to bring people together not the other way around.

p.s. all the links I provided above for each band is in English.

To be continued...