Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sundays are fun

I don't remember when was the last time I had so much fun like this Sunday...I don't even know that Sundays could be so fun:D

My day yesterday started with friend of mine sending me txt msg to meet up so he came over for a coffee, chit chat and to tune my guitar.
Later in the day I started worrying my mind about what to wear for this little get together with my new friends that I got introduced to on Friday night. It just happens that I'm starting to hang out with people from my country again and after all that's when I have the bestest time because we just know how to party;-)

I decided to wear all in black from head to toe plus fishnets and high heel shoes so it looked good enough. My new friend Rob came to pick me up and we went to his place to get our other friend and from there we were on our way downtown to hit the party at This is London club. Once there we got in without waiting in the line (which was cool heheheh)...Then the drinking started and while we walked from one room to another, sipping our drinks, saying hello to people, me being introduced to others, then the rest of group finally came, which were the cousins of my friend and their two friends. I had my camera and started taking photos sitting on the bar table and enjoying it all. Then my friend's cousin said:"Hey lets go to the dance floor"...so we went...It was hot, sticky, foggy but we had a blast. Cute guys dancing around us and then someone came out of the blue and hugged me. When I looked it was my best friend's brother who I didn't see in so long, then other guys I used to hang out with few years ago came...we all hugged and tried to take pics with this freaking fog all around us. You can just imagine how happy I was to see all those people I lost touch with. We danced and sang out loud while sweat was dripping from our faces....Then we decided to go back to our group...I said bye to the guys on dance floor...On our way home my two friends and I went to get some food, we sang in the car to old songs we grew up listening to, and then parked outside my building, went to the little park to eat and started talking about things we used to do while growing up, home made food from back home, sharing anecdotes, laughing until our stomach hurts, and once it hit close to 4am we said good night until next time.
I think I went to bed with big smile on my face completely happy. Yes, that was one of the best Sunday nights I had in a long time. Loved every minute of it and it brought back memories when my old group of friends used to hang out like this all the time. It was so nice to see every single person in that club dancing, jumping and singing...

My legs hurt with all the dancing but my high heels were comfortable enough. Sweet muscle pain I would say:-)

Cheers to old and new friends <3

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