Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hammer of the Gods

This blog it mix of everything so to speak...I love music, dance, fashion, potography and whatever in the given moment I am obssesed about then that's what I write about. I truly adore Led Zeppelin. I wish I was at their concert/reunion in London last year. But I might still have a chance to see Robert Plant live at one of his shows.

After I read Richard Cole's (band's tour manager) book about Led Zeppelin there came the second one "Hammer of the Gods - the Led Zeppelin Saga" (updated version) which I'm reading now.

Here's how they describe each Led Zeppelin memeber...

"It was a strange glue that held them together, since the four musicians were very different from each other. While Page and Jones were rather jaded, cynical London professionals, Robert and Bonzo were naive provincials who had played music more for love than for money. Page and Jones tended to be detached and withdrawn, but Robert and Bonzo were open and accessible. Page and Jones were patient, dry-humored, and in control. Plant and Bonham were violent, funny, and totally manipulated by the other two and Peter Grant. But none of that really mattered then. What mattered was that Led Zeppelin had found its audience. And Led Zeppelin kept the grown-ups out."

But when you look at it Plant and Bonzo were the two that suffered the most at the end (in my opinion at least). Plant losing his son and being badly injured in that car accident. Then Bonzo died. It's quite sad indeed.

Anyway, there is one and only Led Zeppelin, the best band that ever existed on this planet:-)

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