Friday, April 18, 2008

favourite rock & roll couple # 1

Here's my favourite rock & roll couple. Pictures are from random web pages I found on the internet and little paragraphs I took from the Pattie Boyd's book "Wonderful Tonight".

Pattie about George: "You never know with grief how long it will last, but I think I'll miss him for the rest of my life. We shared so much and grew up spiritually together and there are so many things that no one else knows about that we did together; and for many years there were so many questions I wanted to ask him and so many things I needed to speak to him about. " (from Wonderful Tonight book)

Pattie in the video of Something song that George wrote for her (1969)

Pattie & George

Pattie about George:"I had never met anyone like George before, or experienced anything like the glamurous world he inhabited" (from Wonderful Tonight book)

Pattie about George: "George and I spent as much time as we could together. I hated having to go off on location for photo shoots as much as I hated him going away on tour. I loved being with him. He was so beautiful and so funny..." (from Wonderful Tonight book)

Pattie about meeting George and the Beatles for the first time: "On first impressions, John seemed more cynical and brash than the others, Ringo the most endearing, Paul was cute, and George, with velvet brown eyes and dark chestnut hair, was the best looking man I'd ever seen. At the break for lunch I found myself sitting next to him, whether by accident or design I have never been sure. We were both shy and spoke hardly a word to each other, but being close to him was electrifying." (from Wonderful Tonight book)

Pattie Boyd and the Beatles

Pattie about her special bond with George:"Eric and I were playmates, but George and I were soul mates and I had let something special go without analyzing what was happening between us" (from Wonderful Tonight book)

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