Thursday, August 06, 2009

....few from me:-)

I'm the type of person who is difficult to impress and I've been like that as long as I can remember. I'm easily bored when doing same things, visiting same places, seeing same faces, hearing same type of stories, listening to same music.I never understood nor do I know the feeling of those who can do things over and over again and still find it fun.I can't even go to the same bar without eventually getting bored with it because it's predictable including its interior lol.

But really I get inspired by learning new things, hearing new ideas/stories, meeting new and interesting people, going to places I've never visited before, exploring areas I don't know so well...etc. And I'm also very visual which in this case means photography (good and with purpose kind of photography). To me that's inspiring and that moves me. As for being impressed I mean ordinary things that most people are so called excited about do not move me...I get impressed by people who are different or at least try not to follow the crowd, I'm impressed with unusual..or with those who know how to make me think.....Anything that will make me admire someone (which is rare)...I guess different in any sense tends to impress me.

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