Friday, March 31, 2006

Panic!At the Disco love affair going on

For some odd reason I was angry today...No it's not what you think...I didn't argue with anyone, no one made me angry..It was the usual nice day...busy with me trying to print posters for Skylar Presents show...and trying to make myself finish Rob Higgins/Dearly Beloved bio before Monday, waiting for the rest of info to come from his record company, etc.

So why I'm so angry? Or why that weird anger in me today? I was washing dishes and out of nowhere I just felt like I wanted to smash every dish into the wall....I wanted to get this anger and frustration out of my system...

I just want something extrodinary to happen in my every/usual day life....I'm tired of being so uninspired (sp?)...due to this dullness around me....

Did I say that thanx to Miki I ended up addicted to Panic!At the Disco punk/rock/dance/ boy band....LOL (I don't even listen the type of music they make but it got into my ears and I guess I needed some change sound wise)...Yes, they're young boys but the lead singer has really good voice and while I listen to it, well it makes me think about things that I would rather do then say out loud ;-))..

You know that most people around me live slow paced life and I wonder how they can be so ok about it?..I mean is there ever that urge that makes you want to get out and see the world? Or is that just what I want? Hm, probably the second one lol....I could leave you speechless but I won't because by tomorrow I may change my mind and remove this blog which I probably will....only few will read this because I don't want everyone reading it....I'm crazy enough so why add more ideas into people's head lol.....
.....yes this is my morbid happines:D

You'll never'll never'll never try because you're so fucking stuck in this by rules ridden life....AND I just want to burn with need and passion....I want to feel something and I can't because you can't handle it...I'm so hilarious now, that's what being human is all about...(wow this little paragraph sounded like something out of some emo album, gosh I hate emo lol)

Nothing I said here will make sense ......nothing I say will change this'll push me away.....I'll vanish in the air...
Dee - ready to disappear

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Miki said...

Didn't i leave a comment for this before??? I swear i did! Maybe on myspace???
Anyways, we had fun that day and we should ALL have more days like that in our lives. Carefree and full of laughter days.
I'm a work and it's for you it's a first day in a new place. So have fun and i hope by the end of today you like it.
Cmoka pa-pa ;)