Saturday, April 22, 2006

'anticipation has the habit to set you up for disappointment'

By now it should be obvious to all those music writers that trashing some bands/musicians who were so called popular in 80s and early 90s is not so cool anymore, nor educational, nor funny, nor professional...I mean if I read one more time for example how Vanilla Ice was a jerk I'll puke. I mean honestly people just let it go. All those artists did their thing at the time when stuff like that were popular...If you trash it once then leave if for god's sake. Second, all that trashing of Bjork and her 'bird dress' is also way too overused...I think birds know it by now too.....If you're going to trash then at least find something else instead of using the same shit every time...Repetition is not fun if you keep doing it over and over again...And if you have nothing else to write into your magazine then don't use the good old -lets repeat ourselves or what everyone else said- kind of thing...You can trash Fall Out Boy because that's in fashion now (I just don't know why those little girls find them hot because they're really ugly on eyes) on my brutality :P ...Selling out is always a good reason to trash someone right? Or even all that Nickleback trashing is not fun anymore either...People just let it go....AGAIN

It's obvious that most artists who become really famous in some way will end up being hated too..that's what happens when you're over exposed...It's just that when I buy a music magazine I hope to read some interesting news or interview or review and not open the page with the same trashing of artists who were by now trashed 20,000 times (it should be history not news)...I don't like wasting my money and honestly I can't really say for any music magazine out there it's worth the money we spend but what else is there for us?......

And now to change this subject.....What I saw today made me to remind myself if I ever have children to never bring a clown to entertain them for their b-day (like many people tend to do). I'm sorry if other clowns get offended but I just think today's thing was way too creepy. I was waiting for my bus to come (because out of so many nice and sunny weekends I chose this one to go out book-searching lol)....Well anyway it was rainy and I never carry umbrella so my hair was all messy and wet thanx to it, and half day I was walking around with mascara being smudged under my eyes not realising it until it was too late lol.... And there I saw this guy wearing a clown outfit with painted face to match it (this was the first time I saw clown from close up lol)....

He was all bouncy and like some kid running all over the place while waiting for the bus and carrying large Tim Hortons cup. Then he turned his back so I didn't see what he was doing but I saw some people in the car looking his way and laughing or something....That later I would realize that he took a piss into that cup...As you know clowns wear those spacious big pants so he put the cup inside his pants and let it go....Honestly, I just found that a little bit too crazy considering that he did it while waiting for the bus, at the bus stop. I mean buildings are everywhere and you can at least go and find some privacy....And then I was thinking he was probably on his way to some b-day party to entertain some kids and to me he did look way too childish for an older man I just found it all creepy and not something that I would call entertainment for kids.....There are some ok people behind that mask and there are some really disturbing ones who hide behind clown make up.

I went to HMV today and usually when I'm at the music store I totally lose any sense for time or people around me. I was browsing around and while I was looking at some CDs I think I heard something in the distance like someone talking or whatever...then few seconds later I realized that a guy who works at HMV was standing next to me all the time....he came to ask me if I need something or whatever....And he was standing and looking at me not believing, I guess, that I completely ignored him....What he didn't know is that I wasn't even aware that he was talking to me....So I looked his way and he was having one of those expressions on his face lol...I then smiled and apologized because I really didn't hear him or see him....It's hilarious how when I'm around music and books there could be 10 people talking to me and I'm like in my own universe....
I bought Crowded House Singles CD. When it comes to my love for that band I have to admit I loved them like forever..."Don't Dream it's Over" always makes me feel like I'm flying every time I close my eyes.. The magical feeling of listening to a song that creates, shapes, and sends a touch of light into your every day life.

That's all I don't want to write anymore...


Miki said...

I hate clowns!!!! I don't care if i offend anyone or not but they are freaking creepy! I wouldn't want one of those at my child's b-day party ever. Over my dead body.

I also get tired of hearing the same things (music related) over and over again. Honestly, i don't like Bjork but that dress wasn't the worst thing that 'celebrities' wear. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow's dress she wore back to Oscars? GOD...that was ugly!
I also don't understand those let's call them stupid girls screaming at FOB, Sum 41 or maybe even Usher. Come on people, they are not sexy not even apealing and their music IS truly plain. But who cares right? It's their life.
Music magazines should concentrate on music issues not what colour of underwear some musician is wearing. Same goes for movie magazines and such. I want to read about the movie not about who divorced who. I can get that in Star magazine thank you.
Plus can I send a note to peeople who work in music and clothing stores. *uck off...If i need your help i'll find you. Doesn't that always piss you off? At least at bookstores people rarely bother you with "can i help you"....sure you can. DIE. lol
I know it's their job to be annoying but can't you pretend you're busy with something else and forget about me? That guy at HMV to me is annoying. If he sees you ignoring him (although in your case it was unintentional) he should move on not stand there and wait for a *ucking appology. What an ego! I think you should've kicked him in the balls or do what i do...give him an annoying stare.LOL
Dosta me....hahaha samo blebecem ovdje....ajde :DDD

Miki said...

I have no idea what's wrong with this blog but my comment isn't showing as posted on the main page.