Saturday, April 15, 2006

..'be the first to fall, every feeling will dissolve'

Confusion. Emotion. Past. Open Your Heart

..........Being here is like being somewhere else
Walking through memories.
It's been awhile, it's been so damn far, far away.
Feelings at the time so strong, so complicated
so slow, so emotional, so needy, so passionate, so thirsty
Midnights in your arms, listening to your heart beating
so slow, so close, every breath taken with you
same rhythm, intense, one.
Never enough, always asking for more
being inspired with the way you smile,
the way you tell jokes,
the way you look at the world,
when you're angry it's still possible to write a song.
No matter what, you doubt, you wish it's different,
you wish to turn your clock back.
Hurts to open yourself, to let you in.
Every time you lose your step,
it's there to pick you up,
holding you tight,
waiting for midnight when everyone is asleep
to kiss you good night, good morning, to kiss who you are.
Once it meant something,
it was a different life,
being here is like being back in your arms again....

=By Me=

p.s. it's one of those times when my heart decides to talk...and I let it do its thing..I let it live for the moment and then back to being safe and on its own again...

Thanx for reading!


Miki said...

Smrc....i love that song...

D said...

I like your -smrc-....haahahahaha.....thanx....smrc, srmc, smrc...isn't our language the coolest language ever??!! lol...English language would kill to have -smrc- in his vocabulary...but they use sniff or what is it?...hahahaha...

-smrc- rules....LOL

Miki said...

Sniff sniff hahahah that sounds like something drug addicts would use in their vocabulary hahahahahah so SMRC is soooo cool there is no such word in English to substitute it....LOL
S/M/R/C rulz! lol