Friday, April 14, 2006

'God is a perfect musical note'

Skylar Represents (first) show at the Rivoli proved to be a great success last night. No one expected that many people to show up...including media people and even some people that I see on TV everyday....I was at the door so I saw all the faces:-)..It was also my first time to be working at the door so it was a little bit stressful in the beginning but at the end of the night I did get hang of it ...I wasn't the greatest but I'm learning...and I was able to charm people at the door so we had some of them come and pay to get into the show without knowing whose playing;-)

The bands (Turn Off The Stars - that's them on the photo, Tacoma Redd, and Crush Luther) were great, depending on your taste..Crush Luther was quiet popular last night.....Well I was only able to see Turn Off The Stars because they were the last band to play and two previous bands were on when I was still at the door. In person they are also bunch of really nice guys. Especially Turn Off The Stars guys, their bass guitarist is really hot ;-)...He actually reminds me a little bit of lead singer from Maroon 5 only with more hair :-)...(although I don't like Maroon 5 - I just thought I should point that out)...Mr. bass is on the photo at the back...
Oh what's also cool is that two guys from Turn Off The Stars (singer and guitarist) are actually twin brothers. I wouldn't even pay attention if Kruno didn't tell me. Yep they were talking in the washroom and it ended up that Kruno is not the only twin but those two guys from the band too...LOL...silly guys:-))

My sis and her bf and two more friends came to the show (they were my ride home too)...My friend Kruno (as mentioned above) came with few friends too. I for sure laughed a lot thanx to crazy Kruno...Later, on my way home with my sis and the rest of the group we went to eat at Sneaky Dees at then off home.

I have to admit I was beyond tired body was almost shaking...My day started from getting up at 6am to getting ready for work that starts at 8:30am and all the way to 5pm...then I got home and had to decide what to wear (due to me not having that much to wear because I was broke for so long I don't remember when was the last time I bought a new outfit)....Anyway I got home and finally found something to wear, didn't eat much, and was on my way out at 7:30pm to meet up with my boss from Skylar Ent. at the Rivoli. And from 9pm all the way to after 12:30 midnight, almost until 1am, I was at the door ...and then was able to get in and hang out with few friends with the drink.

All in all it was a great night...and a great show...many people....good music....and me getting home dead tired I wasn't even able to remove my make up lol. I just crashed onto my bed...

It was funny when mr. W (who works with Oliver Black guys) came in and he said to his friends..."This is D, she's on myspace too".....I was like oh no...not myspace.....I'll end up being chick from hilarious is that...LOL.....So yep it was a fun night...Now I have this long weekend to get some break, sleep, and then Franz Ferdinand show on Monday....

It's busy indeed:-)


Miki said...

Don't let that 'myspace comment' Mr. Wier made bother you. The whole planet is on myspace lol...
Yeah like you i have couple of plans in the upcoming months -slightly different plans though - seeing my doctor hahahahaha (hm don't worry people i am NOT sick) and it's not a shrink either hahaha so i just felt i should point out. Well, maybe I am little (that's an understatment many will say hahaha) crazy because I am not going to Franz Ferdinand show even though i had tickets in my hand. I kept them close to my heart for so long and then sadly with a tear in my eye i had to let them go. It was painfull and i hope i will never feel that pain again. Agonizing i tell ya. Well, maybe Dee, you'll get some nice shots hahah of certain 'parts' and that would make me feel better.
Anyways i see it was fun last night! That's always good to hear.
I realized that song on my profile is making me sad so i have to replace it with something more 'joyful' well, check it out soon and see what i
CMOKA velika
pa-pa :)

D said...

OH NOOO it doesn't bother me at all...the comment wasn't there to bother me....It was funny because well we are all on myspace anyway and if not for myspace I wouldn't hear about so many good bands. It was just funny how myspace puts you out there, you know, it's like a place for hang outs where everyone knows being in music business it's really a small world indeed...Did I tell you that because of this great music scene I really ended up loving Toronto?...(I probably didn't say that before lol)

Nego Sretan ti Uskrs and have a great long weekend...I'll for sure try to get some rest and enjoy not doing anything...:-)) Miss you!!

*hugs & kisses*

Miki said...

Not doing anything hm i like that! I had a lot of sleep this weekend and i watched 'Fun with Dick and Jane' hahahahahahaahahahaha it was hilarious!!!!
Other than that there's not much to know how it is...everyday is exactly the same...wait isn't that the name of that song from Nine Inch Nails????