Wednesday, April 12, 2006

one of those funny mornings

It's 8:37am and I'm at work...but before I close this page I have to write something this morning I got up at 6am and I tend to walk around the house in my pants and my bra, which I did this morning too. So I was running around the house and then I went into my sister's room to see if any of her clothing would be useful for me today, lol, and of course I totally forgot that her boyfriend was staying over. Well I went into her room and went straight to her dresser and put the light on...however nothing was there that I wanted to wear today...Then I turned and saw that she's not the only one in the room sleeping...I almost got a heart attack...I mean I was in freaking if they were awake I would for sure flash them...hhahahaha....I ran out of the room as quietly as think they were still sound asleep...Next time I have to make sure that no one is in the house while I walk half naked...LOL

There that was my funny may continue this blog later but right now this window has to be closed or they'll kick me out of work....:-)))

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Miki said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH imagine if they woke up...there would've been some collective screaming!!!! WOW it would be embarrasing too! HAHAHAHAAHAHA yeah next time you'll think twice before going into her room! Worse yet, imagine if they were in the middle of something hahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
i think Ivana would kill you!
Eto ajde funny moje cujemo se kasnije pa-pa ;DDDDD