Friday, April 07, 2006

It's taking me over

I LOVE this picture. I mean when I saw it I was like: "Wow this is beautiful and so dark and so damn scary but I'm in love with it"....No it's not a photo by me. It was by some guy who long time ago sent me a message on myspace. I think that's him on the photo (but not sure)...He had some wicked photography shots and this one caught my eye and I had to save it on my desktop. Honestly, this is the most beautiful picture EVER...And you may think that I'm disturbing by saying this but as I said to some friends of mine you would be surprised what I find beautiful ;-))...and add to that my morbid sense of humour and in general the whole morbid thinking :D ..Now here something that I wrote now....I guess it was something in my head when I was on my way home from work.....

Walking slowly down the street
Bus waiting for me
Rain making me wet
Wind ruining my hair
Hands in my pockets
Don't wanna think of loneliness
Feeling like it's taking me over
I know I'll walk alone
through rain and snow
I know I'll walk alone through hot days and humid nights
Sound of music may wake me up
Bring smile on my face
Remind me that I'm still alive
Remind me to breath, it may take a while
I don't wanna wake up
Let my blood flow through my body
No need to help out
I'll walk alone through strange cities
cold alleys, dirty stairs, dark venues, crowdy bars
You can't recognize me
I'm not one of you
but I smile, I dance, I play, I love, I hate, I need
You'll never know
'Cause I keep walking on my own
=By Me=


Miki said...

The photo can come off as disturbing only if you see it that way. If you look at it as an artistic expression it's quite haunting. Beautifully haunting. I've seen weirder things than that one and I've found them intriguing.
Man made things. Nothing disturbing about that.
Your poem is beautiful and (too me) kind of melancholic and sad. I know you're not a sad person so i just have to look it at from another point of view.
Hugs & Kisses, Miki

D said...

Well to be honest when I wrote it I was kind of sad and melancholic. It's just that sometimes I feel that no matter what I'll end up walking on my own. Sometimes I'm not even clear to myself...It's too strange/complicated to describe it...And sometimes (again) I wish that I'm more like other 'normal' people...ah well...I guess I can't run from myself so I better get used to this skin of mine :-)...Thanx for being the best...


Miki said...

I don't think you'll be on your own for long...i have that feeling. Then, you're going to realize that you are just as 'normal' as all of us.

D said...
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D said...

I would like to see that happens but right now it's not liking someone for so long and not being able to express yourself to that person because we're still more friends than anything else can be really frustrating..Although I think there's an attraction on both sides but we'll never really say how it is for I'll do the usual thing, be the best friend I can be :-)...This story you already know...I just don't think that guys will stop being intimidated by me any time soon...for whatever reasons..I think that's stupid...

p.s.I wrote the comment and then realized it has a spelling mistake so I had to delete and post it