Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Should I break the rule and live against your likings

These pictures that you see are one of my fav photography work done by various photographers that I saved on my computer years ago and now showing it to you.

I didn't write much these days. I've been way too tired, unmotivated, kind of nervous, didn't sleep well and in general I was in a very bad state of mind. There's a fine life between sanity and madness....My full time work takes most of my time. I can say I have no life thanx to it but hey I need to get different work experiences...It's gonna be a big plus once I jump into work pool again.

Right now I'm reading Gloria Magazine from Croatia. The only magazine on my language that I tend to read in Canada. There's always a questionare at the end where they ask well known people in Croatia out of blue questions and one of those questions was overused Bush question. The type of question that goes like this :"What would you ask if you get a chance to interview George Bush" and the well known TV persona from Zagreb, Croatia said "I would ask him what's his IQ"....Well I would expect something more creative from the person like that. I mean everyone blabs about Bush and his IQ level...It became so boring and overused. I mean his IQ is everywhere ...I think I saw it on one of the web pages where they said his IQ is 97 or something...Now when you read some stuff by educated and well known people and then you see really unimaginative answers they give, you wonder how come they are still considered as 'smart' people.....I mean most of them don't say anything that I didn't hear before ...but again new things come from old things right?...I just wish people add more life to things they do or say...rather then sound like everyone else...

Who cares anyway...lol

I didn't write about music at all these days. But what's there to say. For those that know me it's well known that I'm not impressed with 70% of music out there. Bands like Metric, Broken Social Scene, Hindley (or whatever the spelling) and bunch of other bands that you see on TV all the time...I mean I gave it a listen...and I tried to understand what's so good about them and I still can't find it.....Maybe I'm way too critical but even Controller.Controller sounds like crap these days...Their first EP made of 7 songs or so was great ....wicked work indeed...Now their new stuff are not good....I watched them live on MTV (I saw them live in Toronto too) and their lead singer needs to work on her vocals.....It's bad...The thing is most of those bands may sound good on CD but live they completely lose themselves....Either because their vocals are not strong enough or they just bore you to death with their stage presence (like Broken Social Scene when I saw them live - I was honestly bored to death. I got sleepy while watching them on stage)....

I'll admit that I favour more male lead singers than females...There's very small number of females who have a very powerful voice, for example girl from Oliver Black. Now that's a voice and that's good singing....I just don't like those tiny little voices like that chick from Metric....I don't know but mellow, weak, way too girlie is not something that will make my ears want to hear more :-)....In my CD collection male singers are in lead. I prefer that power that someone posess in his/her voice.

These days all those awards go to wrong people...There are some amazing talents in this city that should get all the attention.....but entertainment TV shows keep putting those same bands/musicians on it all the time...No variety (sp?)

Oh did anyone watch that VJ Search final episode last night...For those who saw it I can't believe that Tim guy won...LOL...disgrace...but what else to expect from Much Music anyway......it's hilarious.... Oh man I should stop being so critical...LOL....Don't think that I'm not aware of it ;-)

*off to read and get ready for bed to be able to get up at 6am for work*


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Miki said...

I watched the ending when they said Tim won! I was suprised because he's soooo shy...he has no speech skills and his english seems very limited that everything spins aroung words "like" and "um" hahahah but i'm glad Eric didn't win. He's soooo fake. HE IS!I know judges were defending him and everything but he is seriously not for a VJ. I think that girl Nikky should've won. She was great from the beginning (except that Sean Desmond (sp?) fiasco episode)...

As for the singing voices of today's leading bands i must agree with Metric girl's voice. As you said too mellow, sweet and quiet. The only females in my cd collection are Madonna and Alanis Morissette and Cranberries (i forgot her name). Every other cd had male vocals, like Rammstein, RHCP, FF etc...i didn't even notice that pattern until you mentioned it now....funny!

My thumb hurts. I might be coming down with Carpal Tunnel Syndrom (sp?)hahaha from all this typing....I spend half a day at work keying in things....

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