Friday, May 19, 2006

how about

Who would tell that the first time I heard Arctic Monkeys I wasn't much impressed but only after few listens I developed a huge crush on their songs. I LOVEEEEEEEEE Arctic Monkeys and their new album.....

All you people are vampires
All your stories are stale
Though you pretend to stand by us
Though you're certain we'll fail
(sings Arctic Monkeys)

*took a deep breath* Ok now when I calmed myself with this craze of mine called music it's good that weekend is finally here. After working so much you really need break, any kind of break. It's not enough that these days I keep blushing every time I'm around one of specific guy, better said my coworker........LOL...

I mean honestly I don't know what the f*ck is wrong with me. That guy is not the type that I usually go after and honestly don't seem like we have much in common and yet I keep blushing and it pisses me off. He probably thinks I'm some werid chick whose cheeks get red every time I have some questions for him regarding something that we work on. However, I get uncofmortable because he tends to check me out every time we have a meeting and it's so obvious. Now what the fuck is that!!!! I want to stop blushing for f*ck sake (sorry on my overall F-word usage)....but all that blushing is not professional and the last thing I want is for him to get the wrong impression of me. Ahhh, aren't I silly worrying about stupid things like this...GRRRRRR....Oh and one more thing he has a nickname for me. He's the only person at my work that gave me a nickname so everyone calls me Dee or my full name and he found the nickname that he only uses for me. Anyway I will stop with this blabbing ....I'm not attracted to the guy and I'm sure he's not attracted to me so once I stop blushing for some stupid reason I will feel much meeeeeeeeeee!!! lol

By the way I urge you to check The Salads new album "The Big Picture" (which advanced copy I had weeks before the actual album went out)...YAY for me being able to hear things when most of you have to wait for it... I was never really a huge fan of theirs but they did a great work with this new CD. Their drummer is doing some wicked you can see my English is not in a good shape and I cannot even express myself anymore...-some wicked stuff- what kind of shit is that hahahahaha.....But you know what I mean...just get the damn album!! Thank you!

Now where I was?? Oh about it's gonna rain and I want sun to stay...well it's dark now....

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Miki said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA blushing queen! Something is happening over there between you two! I wonder what it could be!? LOL So what if he's not your type? Every boyfriend i had was different from the other one. Maybe there is something about him that you find irresistable hahahhahaha....who knows what may happen...i know i know you say nothing will happen (i could hear you lol) but you never know. I'm not a hopless romantic but i can be if i want too so i'll just wish something cute happens. LOL
You say it's cold and dark? At least you didn't freeze your ass like i did. The nights at the cottage were ok until sunday was soooo cold that Todd and me picked up and left before everyone else was awake! In fact it was 3 am! LOL So we just told Saira we're out of here and call if you need something and we were soon on a highway towards my mom's place! hahahaha hilarious!
Can't wait for sunday to see you! Cmoka
pa-pa :)