Sunday, May 21, 2006

far away from being calm

What Spin, Chart, and plenty of other music magazines have in common this month? That would be articles and interviews with same bands - Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Streets and Editors. I'm just curious are they doing that on purpose, do they call each other and tell what band they want to be interviewed and everyone does it. You go and hope to read something different but what you find is bunch of magazines who pretty much have the same artist on their pages. I have to admit Spin magazine is boring and I will not buy it again. I do not even know what is so interesting about it. I flipped through its pages and the lack of good read is very obvious. It's a weak music reporting and (again) lack of good stories.

Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead shows in Toronto and I'm not interested. I mean those are very talented musicians which I respect but I was never a huge fan. I like some songs but that's all. I do admit that I tried to listen to Radiohead which albums I have on one CD as mp3 and it came to my mind that I simply cannot listen to it. It's not something that my ears enjoy. I find it depressing and way too mellow. I love heavy music, I love industrial, and everything that has a dark touch to it but Nine Inch Nails for me was always just another of those bands that people love nothing else. I do like the thing that my ears never liked the music that everyone else likes (or most people like). I was never in that 'everyone' box....and I actually enjoy being that way.

I spent whole day yesterday with my friend downtown walking around, shopping, eating and talking. She said that I changed, that I seem sad. I'm not the usual happy Dee that she remembers. She wondered what happend to my old self and if she can help somehow. But really there's nothing anyone can do. It's my own battle and I'm dealing with it.

It's a terrible weather outside, cold, windy and I feel sick. What a beautiful long weekend indeed...(there when my sarcasm kicks really hard lol)

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greetings from Italy!!

Miki said...

What changed about you??? What do you mean you changed? I hope whatever it is it's only temporary. Maybe it's just your job that's putting a lot of pressure on you. Btw. is it getting better and easier?

You know all those magazines are doing the same thing. Really, there's no difference between any of them. All those gossip magazines are talking about the same stuff week after week...If Spin puts RHCP on their cover and other magazine puts Audioslave (for ex.) i'm pretty sure everyone would get the RHCP cover.

I'm so bored today. Sleepy, tired....blah

Cmoka pa-pa :)

D said...

Hello to Italy!!!

D said...

Hey Miki...What changed about me you ask..well I don't know. I did change a little bit. Things that I have to deal with myself...but I won't write about it now...not in the mood for that:-))...

Oh my I'm still not done with your little b-day present...:-)


Miki said...

OMG how much of that are you making??? I can't wait to get my fingers on it though! LOL
pa-pa ;)