Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good old book

I love books...I love reading...I think this planet would suck big deal if there are no books...These days I'm reading Bob Dylan's 'Chronicles' and here is a little paragraph from the book that I think would be an interesting thing for you to read. Here's what Dylan wrote about Bono from U2:

"One night, Bono, the singer from U2, was over for dinner with some other friends. Spending time with Bono was like eating dinner on a train - feels like you're moving, going somewhere. Bono's got the soul of an ancient poet and you have to be careful around him. He can roar 'til the earth shakes. He's also a closet philosopher. He brought a case of Guiness with him. We were talking about things that you talk about when you're spending the winter with somebody - talked about Jack Kerouac. Bono knows Kerouac's stuff pretty good. Kerouac, who celebrated American towns like Truckee, Fargo, Butte and Madora - towns that most Americans never heard of. It seems funny that Bono would know more about Kerouac than most Americans. Bono says things that can sway anybody. He's like that guy in the old movie, the one who beats up a rat with his bare hands and wrings a confession out of him. If Bono had come to America in the early part of the century he would have been a cop. He seems to know a lot about America and what he doesn't, he' curious about.

We talked about fame and both agreed that the funny thing about fame is that nobody believes it's you. Warhol's name got batted around, too. Warhol, the king of pop. One art critic in Warhol's time had said that he'd give you a million dollars if you could find one ounce of hope or love in any of his work, as if that was important. Names appear in conversation and slip away. Names that have a certain feel to them. Idi Amin, Lenny Bruce, Roman Polanski, Herman Melville, Mose Allison, Soutine the painter, the Jimmy Reed of the art world. When Bono or me aren't exactly sure about somebody, we just make it up. We can strengthen any argument by expanding on something either real or not real. Neither of us are nostaligic, and nostalgia doesn't enter into anything and we're gonna make damn sure about that. "

So that was a little part for your amusment. I'm just wondering why so many people, well mostly male population, doesn't like Bono? What do you have against that guy? If you're not a fan of his music or his style that still doesn't give you a right to hate him or not like him. He for sure is talented and is making some difference in this least he's moving and doing something...creating things....I wish other people would do similar stuff rather than just sit and trash others....ah well....One thing is for sure whoever gets famous eventually gets over exposed then being hated is what comes next...People simply hate those who are successful and doing well...It's a human nature...:-)


Miki said...

It's not just ANY human nature. It's the nature ROTTEN people posses. I mean if someone is doing something worthwhile why is everybody putting that person down?
I couldn't be jealous of anybody (except Frau Schneider is she exists lol) because i was raised differently.
Todd doesn't like Bono. Just don't ask men why they hate him. They just can't pinpoint anything. Sure, he annoyed me sometimes with all his colourful glasses he was wearing without ever taking them off, but that doesn't mean that I should hate him for that.

I love books too. I'm reading the BITE book and it's a set of short stories. Smrc. It's really great but the caracters in each story are different. I'm on the second one now. It's a great read!

Cujemo se kasnije pa-pa ;-)

D said...
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D said...

LOL...see I told you...every guy hates funny....Like few weeks ago my friend Sasha said:"Dee you have the same sunglasses as Bono" and I was like:"And what's your point?"......hahahaha.....his point was that he doesn't like Bono...hahahahaah.....hilarious...

Miki said...

They can hate him all they want but he's still a successful artist. They have some songs i like but i was never a huge fan.
I'm like that with many other musicians. I like them, i've always heard them on a radio or tv, but i was never crazy enough about them to buy a cd. Madonna is the only person (besides R+) that i just LOOOVVVEEE. Ever since i was a kid. :D
I can't believe she didn't want to come to Toronto this year? Why Montreal??? She's weird.
Ajde cmoka pa-pa :)