Sunday, June 11, 2006

Leading Myself to Be Free in This Eternal GoodBye

Right now I'm sitting in front of my computer, listening to Lacuna Coil and planning my trip to Europe in my head. Yes, the way I said it sounds like it's happening tomorrow but not really.
This summer I'll be working my ass off. I will not take any time off. I'm saving money as much as possible in order to be able to take a month off next summer and go to Europe. This time it will happen. I've been planning it for so long and never had enough money....having school on my back, relationship shit and disappointments in people around me, fighting my own war, trying to figure where do I want to go.

This year started stressful. I've became a complete loner it's not even funny.....hahahaha....(in a morbid way it is funny)..The life itself is hilarious...I can't help but laugh...
So next year hopefully will be Europe. I do need this break. I do want to see people with whome I grew up with.

Here how my Europe trip will look like (with great hopes)....From Toronto I'll go straight to Frankfurt, Germany where my three cousins live (they're brothers). They're all musicians and they've been playing since they were 5 years old. I miss them. The youngest one just graduated from music shcool in Bosnia and moved to Germany to play music. I didn't see them since I moved to Toronto. I'm very attached to one of them who is by the way a drummer. During the war I used to cry so much praying to God he comes back alive. He's an amazing drummer. He would come to visit me on my break at school and all my girl friends would ask me who is that hot guy and I would be all proud saying he's my cousin...Sooo CUTE....

Since the day I was born the only thing that reminded me of him were drums. He would play them 24/7....the whole neighbourhood would wake up in the morning listening to him banging his drum set..I think one of the reasons why music is in my heart is because of my cousins too...They are so passionate about it...and extremely talented. Oh how I wish I can go to Germany now for a World Cup.

Ok, so from there I'll probably go back home to Bosnia and then off to Croatia. I miss Adriatic Sea. I'm in love with it and one day I want to have my little house near the sea:-)) to have a chance to sit every morning on the beach and listen to the waves, play guitar, write poems,and watch the sunsets in the evening.

Now once I'm done with my swimming in Adriatic Sea, heheheeh, I'll get my bags and go to Belgium to meet our high school friend Maria and spend some time with her. She parties a lot, has her own place, and she's a cool girl. Belgium here I come (just talking about it makes me smile)....AND of course my last stop will be Sweden to stay at my uncle's house, my mother's brother....He's one of my fav uncles and I miss them all. There are a lot of people I know who live in Sweden too...Even my 4th grade teacher lives there. They all remember me as a little girl.....Ah well I may consider living in Sweden (which I said before) in case I happen to like it.

So how does my trip sounds to you?

Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, Belgium, and Sweden....I would also love to go to Italy to see my very good friend and mentor Aida, but I will have to get in touch with her and see if she would let me to crash on her couch once I'm there..
By the way did I tell you that I missed whole NXNE...I didn't even bother to go to any shows this time...Only few bands out there have my full attention others are good but not enough to make me go and see them....Anyway keep up with the good work...;-))

Dee - Leading Myself to Be Free in This Eternal GoodBye


Miki said...

As i said once before trip sound good but what about a car??? Are you getting one soon!?

Anonymous said...

I don't think i'll be getting a car here any time's too expensive to have one and it's just not worth it...

When I go to Europe I will rent one or even better my car is actually at my uncle's place in Bosnia so I will drive it while there..and my uncle in Sweden has car too so I can go with his while I'm there too....Car is the last thing on my mind to be honest...