Sunday, July 02, 2006

3:00am - music, music, oh and yes music again:D

Tonight was a wicked night (July 1st) and all about The Marble Index. My fav Canadian band and I've been loving their music for almost three years. And I still remember that night when I saw them for the first time in May 2004 when they were opening for Powderfinger in London, ON. I don't even remember how many Marble shows I saw.....Way, way, way way too many:-) I saw them when they were amazing on the stage and when they were completely drunk too, lol...So tonight before the show Ivana, Martin and I took a walk and I got some music related mags (Uncut and NME)....anyway we were walking and then you know that feeling when someone is looking at you. Well that how it was tonight. We took a walk and then the weird feeling that someone is looking at me, and then I looked and my eyes met no one elses but mr. Brad's (lead singer) from The Marble Index (he was walking with the group of people toward us)....Yes, you couldn't ask for better eye contact but the one I just had with this charming and talented human being:-)...He has that carismatic presence about him that gets everyone's attention...

So anyway we saw two bands before The Marble Index. I for sure froze to death because the freaking air conditioner was above my head. Yes, I could move but I didn't want to lose my seat. AND there is another sweet thing that made me smile... Free sample CD by The Marble Index with their three new songs (the best ones). It is just a small portion from their new album that will be out in August. I don't know do they do it on purpose but their first album also went out in August:-)..
P.S. Miki I got you a sample too and you will get it in the mail in the next few days for our good old Marble days:-). You will love it!! Here, I admit I came home tonight and put the CD to play and started dancing around my room.

Few years ago Miki and I swore that Marble will be OUR band and we will follow their music...but then she moved to Niagara and started her own family and I am now left to be a silly girl on my own:-)...I'm such a kid and no I don't have a need to be a grown up yet :P....Also not to forget that out of so many people, who usually eat hot dog at the front of the Horseshoe, I saw no other but mr. Kruno :D....So I jumped on him hahahahah....nah just knowing the way he is when the lead singer from Hot Hot Heat was passing by he was like:"Hey man that was a great show" and they shaked hands.Kruno you amuse me;-)

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Miki said...

HA! Small world! You and Kruno sure hit the same spots all the time! Two rock souls.
I have to find a t-shirt that says "rock baby" and it has to be small, really small know what i mean. I'll start looking later on. Right now it's too early for such things although i might not seem so because there's about 4 months left.
I knew you were sending me that cd!!! I'm a good guesser don't you thin? AND mind you it's still our band. BECAUSE WE DISOVERED THEM TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME. So it doesn't matter what we do or where we live it's still our band. Deal?