Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't agree

I'm at work but I had to make myself come here and write few opinions of mine - musically related of course.

On Monday I bought three albums that being all three from UK - Dirty Pretty Things, Towers of London and an oldie from 1994 by Everything but the Girl. I heard so much about Dirty Pretty Things (from people who are into UK music scene and being one myself too) and when I saw their album on the shelf "Waterloo to Anywhere" I was curious to get it (it was cheap too). Then while walking around HMV I saw Towers of London CD and again being a cheap one I've got it too. Everything but the Girl was the cheapest of all and I grabbed it lol. Then I came home and sat to listen to all of them. First being EBTG and finding it too mellow. My fav song "Missing" was so far the best song on that album but lyrics are very interesting so if not melody then written word will make you think. After that one I quickly went over Dirty Pretty Things and not finding it impresseive either, same went for Towers of London BUT not until this morning on my way to work that I kind of changed my mind about one of them.

Well it turns out that I like DIRTY PRETTY THINGS....So when I bought that CD I listened to it once at home and weren't really crazy about it. Then this morning on my way to work I was listening to it with headphones in my ears and the first thought that came to my mind was: "Hm, this is actually not bad, typical English band but it's good"....However, TOWERS OF LONDON didn't impress me with their 19 tracks album. I listened at home and then yesterday on my way to work and back and really didn't like most of it. There are probably two songs that I like out of 19. I mean they're fine it's just that the sound they have reminds me of every other classic/big hair/skinny jeans/tight t-shirts/band....Some of guitar solos reminded me of Silvertide. However, the latest mentioned is by far better than guys from Towers of London. I guess they may improve with age and experience hehehe. I read so many reviews regarding this band (Towers of London I mean). Some of the critics giving it 4 stars and only few less than that. I was really expecting a great album but it looks like I don't agree with critics and in my opinion Towers of London and their new (debut) album (that went out this month actually) did not move me. I simply think that this album lacks originality and should I say magic :-))...

By the way last night the fire alarm went off at 3am in the morning, woke me up and it lasted like for an hour...I didn't get a good night sleep and now I just want to drop dead..I can't work and yet I have to....booooo hooooo


Miki said...

This blog sounds familiar! :PPP
So did you get enough sleep by now? lol

D said...

Because I wrote it here first and then copied and pasted it into my other blog which you already read...hheheh....there are some readers that are not on my other list so I have to please both sides...hehehe;-)

Miki said...

I know hehe i've seen you do it before too. That's why sometimes i have nothing else to add to the blog because i've said it on myspace heheheh....

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